Rare Earth Lithium Power Battery Production Project

Rare Earth Lithium Power Battery Production Project

1.Project basis and Advantages

The complete set of production equipment for rare earth lithium power batteries from blanking to product has realized automatic production, with simple production process, mature process and convenient operation. Each operation has advanced testing instruments to ensure the consistency of the product. Rare earth battery packs sell for about half the price of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Baotou is the earliest area to developresearch and apply rare earth resources in China. The China Rare Earth Research Institute, the largest research and development institution of rare earth in China, is located here. At the same time, it also has more than ten research and development institutions of various types of rare earth, with more than 1500 scientific and technological personnel, which accounts for half of the total amount of the country. Baotou city has rich water and electricity resources, low price, low labor costs, and has many advantages in the construction of the project.

2. Construction Content and Scale

Build an annual production line of 500 million amperes of rare earth lithium power batteries

3. Estimated Investment Amount: The total investment is 300 Million Yuan.

4.Prospective Outcome: After reaching production capacity, the annual sales revenue will be 670 Million Yuan, and the profit and tax will be 65 million Yuan.

5.Cooperation Mode: Introduction of capital, Joint venture

6.Contact Information: Investment Promotion Service Center of Baotou Development and Reform Commission

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