Rare Earth Copper Alloy Materials and Components Production Projects

Rare Earth Copper Alloy Materials and Components Production Projects

1.Project basis and Advantages

High-performance rare-earth copper alloy materials are widely used in the manufacture of sleeves and bushes of stainless steel rolls, precision machine tools and other engineering equipment. The market demand has maintained a high-speed growth for many years. Baotou has abundant rare earth resources and annual output of 100,000 tons of crude copper metal. It not only has the advantages of research and development of rare earth copper alloy materials, but also provides corresponding guarantee for this project with a solid foundation of mechanical manufacturing.

2. Construction Content and Scale

Construction of an annual production line of 10000 tons of rare earth copper alloy materials, including 2000 tons of rollers, 6000 tons of bushes and sleeves, and 2000 tons of other products.

3. Estimated Investment Amount: The total investment is 500 Million Yuan.

4.Prospective Outcome: After reaching production capacity, the annual sales revenue will be 1 Billion Yuan, and the profit and tax will be 300 Million Yuan.

5.Cooperation Mode: Introduction of capital, Joint venture

6.Contact Information: Investment Promotion Service Center of Baotou Development and Reform Commission

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