Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Project

Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Project

1.Project basis and Advantages

Compared with traditional motors, permanent magnet motors, especially rare-earth permanent magnet motors, have the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, small size, light weight, low loss and high efficiency. At the same time, the shape and size of the motor can also be flexible and diverse. At present, the development and application of rare-earth permanent magnet motors has entered a new stage. On the one hand, the original research and development results have been widely used in the fields of national defense, industry, agriculture and daily life. On the other hand, the development of high-power (high speed, high torque), high-functionality and miniaturization is in the direction of expanding new types of motors and applications. In the research of rare-earth permanent magnet motor and its drive system, Baotou Permanent Magnet Motor Research Institute has made fruitful scientific achievements and industrial practice results. The Institute has been committed to the research, design, development and production of various high-precision and high-performance rare-earth permanent magnet motors and their control systems for many years, and can provide professional design, analysis, detection and maintenance services for other electromechanical enterprises. With the rapid development of automobile industry, oil field, mine, metallurgy, industry and mineral industry, the demand for rare-earth permanent magnet motors has increased dramatically, and the market prospects of this project are very broad. The construction of Baotou Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Base is an inevitable requirement for the implementation of the national industrial policy. Taking advantage of Baotou's rich rare earth resources and strong machinery manufacturing base, it provides good conditions for research, development and production of special rare earth permanent magnet power motor for automobiles.

2. Construction Content and Scale

Build a production line with an annual output of 1,000 sets of permanent magnet motors

3. Estimated Investment Amount: The total investment is 200 Million Yuan.

4.Prospective Outcome: After reaching production capacity, the annual sales revenue will be 530 Million Yuan, and the profit and tax will be 50 million Yuan.

5.Cooperation Mode: Introduction of capital, Joint venture

6.Contact Information: Investment Promotion Service Center of Baotou Development and Reform Commission

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