Plasma Display Panel(PDP)

Plasma Display PanelPDP

1.Project basis and Advantages

Plasma Display Panel devices have become one of the important development directions in the field of information display. The market demand is increasing year by year. Rare earth phosphors play a decisive role in the performance of Plasma Display Panel (PDP). Baotou City has the largest reserves of rare earth resources in the world, providing a large number of rare earth oxides and high-purity rare earth metals to domestic and foreign countries every year. Based on the resource advantages of our city and the industrial advantages formed in recent years, the governments at the autonomous region and Baotou Municipality levels have put forward that the development focus in the next few years is on the rare earth application products, and have formulated corresponding preferential policies to support the development of the rare earth application industry. This project mainly relies on the funds and technology of large-scale domestic and foreign production enterprises of Plasma Display Panel (PDP), and utilize the resources and policy advantages of our city to plan and build the Plasma Display Panel (PDP) project.

2. Construction Content and Scale

Build a production capacity of 500,000 Plasma Display Panel (PDP)

3. Estimated Investment Amount: The total investment is 600 Million Yuan.

4.Prospective Outcome: After reaching production capacity, the annual sales revenue will be 2.5 Billion Yuan, and the profit and tax will be 400 million Yuan.

5.Cooperation Mode: Introduction of capital, Joint venture

6.Contact Information: Investment Promotion Service Center of Baotou Development and Reform Commission

Telephone:04725621708    04725621709

Baotou city Kundulun District Bureau of Commerce

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