Rare Earth Nano-Luminescent Materials and Devices Projects

Rare Earth Nano-Luminescent Materials and Devices Projects

1.Project basis and Advantages

Nano-materials show a series of excellent performance in terms of its size effect, surface effect and quantum state effect. The products are widely used and have a life circle of more than 15 years. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It is a non-hazardous, non-radioactive energy-saving green environmental product with good low-level emergency lighting indication and decorative beautification effect. Luminous decorations are products with good development trend, which have a wide market application and stronger decorative effect. Because of the principle of light-emitting wavelength, it also has a good effect of inhibiting bacterial growth. Nano anti-pollution technology has superiority, and can meet the requirements of people for green health and environmental protection.

Our city has abundant rare earth production capacity, owns more than ten large-scale rare earth raw material enterprises owned by North Rare Earth Group, and can produce 250,000 tons of rare earth concentrates. The State's production plan for rare-earth minerals issued to Baotou city in 2017 is 595,000 tons, and the first batch of rare-earth minerals obtained in 2018 is 4165,000 tons.

2. Construction Content and Scale

Build an annual production line of 200 tons of rare earth Nano-luminescent materials and 20,000 pieces of devices

3. Estimated Investment Amount: The total investment is 1 Billion Yuan.

4.Prospective Outcome: After reaching production capacity, the annual sales revenue will be 2 Billion Yuan, and the profit and tax will be 190 million Yuan.

5.Cooperation Mode: Introduction of capital, Joint venture

6.Contact Information: Investment Promotion Service Center of Baotou Development and Reform Commission

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