Meng Fanli met with Li Xuemin of China Railway No.10 Engineering Group Co., Ltd

Meng Fanli met with Li Xuemin of China Railway No.10 Engineering Group Co., Ltd

On August 20, Meng Fanli, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China of the Autonomous Region and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, met with Li Xuemin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China Railway No.10 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., deputy general managers Zhou Jianming, Chen Geng, and others.

Meng Fanli welcomed the guests to Baotou. He said that Baotou, bordering Daqing Mountain in the north and the Yellow River in the south, is one of the central cities in the "Ji" bend metropolitan area of the Yellow River. Facing the 14th five year plan, we are accelerating the regional planning and construction along the Yellow River, promoting cities to be built along the river and develop together with the Yellow River, truly integrating mountains, water and cities, and striving to build bright cities in the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River. At the same time, following the major historical opportunities of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, utilize the advantages of scenery resources in the north of Daqing Mountain, accelerate the development of modern energy industries such as green electricity and green hydrogen energy, and strive to build North region into an important engine for the future development of Baotou. The realization of these goals can not be achieved without the participation of China Railway No.10 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Enterprises are very welcome to plan and promote more and deeper cooperation in regional construction along the Yellow River, infrastructure construction of urban and rural and industrial parks, home-based elderly care services, etc. in combination with the new urban planning and design of Baotou. We will make every effort to do a good job in various service guarantee work and create a better future with enterprises.

Li Xuemin introduced the basic information of the group and its cooperation with Baotou. He said that Baotou has a very good ecological and cultural environment, a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere and extensive cooperation space with China Railway No.10 Engineering Group. In the next step, China Railway No.10 Engineering Group will actively promote the construction of the package project, carry out in-depth cooperation with Baotou in health care, ecological protection along the Yellow River, urban and rural infrastructure construction, jointly grasp the development opportunities of the times and realize mutually beneficial and win-win development.

The vice mayor Zhang Bin and leaders of relevant regions and departments attended the meeting.

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