Meng Fanli met with Wang Wenbiao of Elion Resources Group Co., Ltd

Meng Fanli met with Wang Wenbiao of Elion Resources Group Co., Ltd

On September 11, Meng Fanli, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China of the Autonomous Region and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, met with Wang Wenbiao, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Elion Resources Group Co., Ltd.

Meng Fanli welcomed the guests to Baotou. He said that Elion Resources Group is well-known and has made great achievements in desert control and ecological construction. At present, the people's pursuit of quality of life is constantly improving, and they have higher demand for ecological environment, medical care and health care. Baotou has good conditions and unique advantages for the development of related industries. There is broad space and great potential for cooperation between the two parties. It is hoped that Elion Resources Group will further strengthen communication with Baotou, make beneficial exploration in the fields of ecological restoration and protection, leisure tourism, traditional Chinese medicine processing, medical care and health care, and strive to form cooperation results. We will provide all-round service guarantee for enterprises and help enterprises invest and develop in Baotou.

Wang Wenbiao introduced the industrial layout, main business and development of contracted projects of Elion Resources Group. He said that Baotou has achieved remarkable results in optimizing the business environment and has a strong attraction to enterprises. In the next step, Elion Resources Group will carry out in-depth cooperation around the strategic positioning and development objectives put forward by Baotou, and make unremitting efforts for the two sides to jointly achieve high-quality development in the fields of ecological environmental protection, traditional Chinese medicine processing and health industry development.

Municipal leaders Yang Erxi, Liu Haiquan, Zhang Bin, Lei Dianjun and leaders of relevant departments attended the meeting.

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