Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park


Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park

Baotou equipment manufacturing industrial park is located in the north of Qingshan District, with a planned area of 45 Square kilometers.

Development Orientation: National independent and innovative equipment manufacturing base, national important construction machinery manufacturing industry cluster base, national important nuclear fuel element processing demonstration base, autonomous region informatization and industrialization integration base, Baotou City Intelligent Logistics Center.

Key Development Industries: Heavy truck equipment, New energy equipment, Railway equipment, Fully mechanized mining equipment industry, Electromechanical equipment and Engineering machinery equipment.


Development Orientation of Green Leading Industry

Focus on developing high-end equipment manufacturing industries such as large, medium and small automobile equipment, new energy equipment, railway equipment, fully mechanized mining equipment, electromechanical equipment, engineering machinery equipment, safety production equipment, emergency rescue equipment and related key core parts manufacturing industries. Accelerate the development of military civilian integration industry and intelligent manufacturing industry. Give priority to the development of energy-saving and energy-saving equipment manufacturing, advanced environmental protection equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicle manufacturing, energy-saving transformation, resource recycling and other energy-saving and environmental protection industries; Clean energy industries such as new energy and clean energy equipment manufacturing; Cleaner production industries such as comprehensive utilization of resources; 5G industrial Internet, intelligent charging column, data center, smart Park and other industries.


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